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Introducing our newest collection

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By melding classic artistry with modern design, Swan Optik delivers the kind of transformative beauty its name promises
Frames should evoke the same joy that a child experiences when given a new toy - Akira Ishiwatari
Kuboraum makes chic eyewear with the power of a mask

Introducing Swan Optik

Hello and welcome everyone,

It is with great pleasure that I introduce: Swan Optik. This collection of chic, boutique eyewear began as a personal project, but soon evolved into the collaborative effort that brought Swan Optik to life! Fashion is, and, has always been, a big part of our lives. What started out as a hobby evolved into a passion for us all, and we are excited and proud to share this passion with you!

Fashion is the point where style and quality meet the unexpected. In our search for bold and unique frames, we found brilliant and eclectic designers from all around the world who shared our passion and further inspired us. This same search also led us to find the most unexpected and unusual styles that accompany any look.

The practical, for us, had to come first. It wasn’t enough to be quirky. We had to find frames whose quality spoke for themselves. As such, each of our gorgeous, unique pieces are handmade with the absolute best materials. Our goal was to ensure that each frame is the pinnacle of fashion and function.

It’s our hope that that the eccentric and extraordinary can become the everyday. We hope you can take the time to explore our finds, and that they speak to you as they did to us. We guarantee they will expand your horizons as they have ours. We are excited to be a guide on your fashion journey. Welcome to Swan Optik.

Dr. Xuan-Mai Ta