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  • Maske N4

    Maske N4

    Available: In Stock

    Matte black with a gold colored bridge, this Kuboraum frame is both sharp and classy. Both in its square shape and smooth feel, the handsome Maske N4 is a suave sunglasses style...

  • Maske H14

    Maske H14

    Available: In Stock

    Kuboraum’s Maske H14 is chic and classy with a twist! This handmade maske pairs a gorgeous rose gold metal frame with an attractive brown lens shade. These large sunglasses are...

  • Maske N2

    Maske N2

    Available: In Stock

    The signature Kuboraum Maske N2 frame is both timeless and unique. This round glasses style stands out with its smooth black matte color and contrasting white nose pieces.    Product Details  ...

  • Maske K5

    Maske K5

    Available: In Stock

    The signature Kuboraum Make K5 is a handsome frame handmade for all faces! Kuboraum pairs rich black with an eye-catching square glasses shape for this unique style. As if sculpted...

  • Maske K10

    Maske K10

    Available: In Stock

    Kuboraum gives tortoise print a sleek edge with their Maske K10 frame. Using a darker tortoise color pattern, Kuboraum plays with a bold and unforgettable style. This shiny round frame...

  • Maske N2

    Maske N2

    Available: In Stock

    Kuboraum’s Maske N2 is undeniably unique and chic in every way. These gorgeous round glasses boast an almost clear champagne crystal color making them a one-of-a-kind style. This handmade acetate...

  • Maske K20

    Maske K20

    Available: In Stock

    This beautiful Kuboraum Maske K20 plays on the elegant cat-eye glasses style by adding layers to the upturned corners. The contours of this uniquely uneven frame stand out with its glossy shine...

  • Maske A1

    Maske A1

    Available: In Stock

    The Kuboraum Maske A1 is a frame from an unreal dream. Strong and lightweight, this Kuboraum round glasses style was handmade in Italy with the best acetate materials. This handsome...

  • Maske N3

    Maske N3

    Available: In Stock

    The round Kuboraum Maske N3 is a uniquely handsome pair of glasses. Pairing a shiny black with chrome metal makes this glossy frame stand out with it's eye-catching colors!    Product Details...